ExportToSpreadsheet: Getting data per field rather than per object - Help for a Newbie

Hi All,

I have a simple pipeline based on the ExamplePercentPositive template using nuclear staining images. I want my data to show number of cells, number of cells positive for a marker, and number of cells double positive for two markers (using IdentifyPrimaryObjects and RelateObjects modules) - and I want it per image in a single spreadsheet. Problem is the ExportToSpreadsheet module gives me all of those as separate files for each image and for each object. I can’t seem to find out how to change this! Can Someone help me please?

Apologies for seeking help on something so simple - I just can’t seem to find an answer!


My understanding from your derscription is that you need per image data in a csv file. In case, now if your output is not giving Image.csv, then just check that if you have enabled the option (“Calcualte the per-image…” in ExportToSpreadsheet as seen below.
If this is not working then, we could help you better if you could share your pipeline.
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Hi Lakshmi,

Thanks for your help!

After making the changes you suggested and playing around with the select measurements options I eventually got what I wanted.