Exporting to CPAnalyst



as I have no permission to post on the CPA forums, I hope to get an answer in here.
I analyzed some images and exported the results into a database. This database can be loaded into CPA. But when I click Analyze>Classify and grab the cells, the images are so dim, that they are almost black (it took me a while to find out). They are not displayed like this when watching them in the pipeline from which they are saved.
Do you have any suggestions what I can do to make them “visible”?

I am looking forward to your answers and thanks in advance, Daniela


Somehow I seem to solve my problems shortly after posting here.
My pictures are to big, so the image will get cropped within a black area. When I select “sow full image”, I can see it.

Thanks… for letting me post on this forum anyway :slight_smile:


Glad you figured this out yourself.

Also, you are supposed to be able to see and post to the CPA forums, although it looks like your permissions are set incorrectly. We’ll change this and check to see that others have the correct permissions, too.