Exporting Spot Statistics for Track with a Splitting Event in Trackmate

Apologies if this has a simple answer but I ran into a problem when exporting spot statistics for a track with a simple splitting event.

Exported statistics seem to be shown for only one spot throughout, showing statistics for only one spot after the split event. How do you get statistics for both spots after a split event? Thanks for any help.



This seems to be a bug.
Can you post details or maybe even the files?

I generated tracks on a single tif file with 150 slices using the lap tracker. I noticed that exporting for ICY, you see tracks for the 3 separate spots; however the problem occurs when using the analysis button on the ‘Configure View’ panel.

Not sure if you think this is still a bug but if you would like, I could post whatever files that would help you.

Yes please.

I am sorry my brain is in energy saver mode and I am not sure I see through your problem properly.
Is it a problem with Icy export, with TrackMate? Can you post files and steps to reproduce the issue?