Exporting snapshot with high resolution

Hi! I’m new to QuPath ao apologies if this has already been discussed and I have not come across that discussion!

I am working with whole slide H&E images from mouse tissues. I am trying to export images of region of interest with high resolution. So far I have tried to export the snapshot view, but the resulting .png seems a bit blurry. I was wondering if the snapshot can be exported in a different format, or if there is an easy way to export regions of interest. Sending the region to ImageJ seems to be taking forever.

Thanks in advance!

If you have read this section: Exporting images — QuPath 0.2.3 documentation
That covers most of the options.
Send Region to ImageJ is one of the more flexible options, but if you choose a large area at full resolution, yes, it will take a while. Part of the reason QuPath exists is that large images at full resolution cannot be viewed easily, thus pyramidal images that only load part of the image at any given time.
Selecting 1 pixels for the send to ImageJ gets you the highest resolution possible for your image. It is up to you to balance the export time, region size, and how much downsample you will allow (more downsample, blurrier image).

For snapshots, the final image should look how it does on screen. You cannot “zoom in” anymore because the snapshot will not be pyramidal. You get it at the zoom you were viewing the image at:

Note that if you want to export a region for image analysis, and not general viewing, you probably want to export a region as an ome-tiff. That way it can be written as a pyramidal image.