Exporting objects identified, Cell profiler

I have been trying to condense my macro to be able to export to a csv/excel format which has only the names, and number of objects that were identified in the identify primary objects module. I tried using the export to spreadsheet module but had no luck. I attached my images and the macro I have been using, but can’t get one spreadsheet with solely names and number of objects/cells counted for automation. Does anyone have suggestions?control2_30x_outlet (2).tif (9.3 MB) DOX1_30x_outlet (1).tif (9.5 MB)

My macro is attached hereDark_holes.cpproj (1.0 MB)

Hi @Sps,

Having taken a quick look, you might want to head into the Export to Spreadsheet settings and make the following changes:

  • Under ‘Press button to select measurements’, disable Identify_dispersed then enable “Image --> Count --> Identify --> Dispersed” and “Image–>Filename–>Test”.
  • Under ‘Export all measurement types’, press ‘Add another data set’. Select ‘Image’ as the data to export.

If I’ve understood your correctly, this should produce a CSV file called MyExpt_Image.csv, containing the image number, name and object count as you desire.

Hope that helps!

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