Exporting object classifier

I think I have a rather basic question here, how can I export a classifier from one project to another on a different computer? I know I can transfer the .json file between computers, but qupath doesn’t seem to allow me to run it on the new computer. Anything helps. Thanks!

As long as you have moved the classifier json file into the exact same folder in the equivalent project, and you are running a similar enough version of QuPath, it should work. Running 0.1.2, for example, would not recognize the classifiers/object_classifiers folder subfolder.

I am not sure if there are any changes between operating systems, but I would leave that for @petebankhead and you did not list any changes to the OS. It also might help to specify “allow me to run it.”

When I mean “allow me to run it” I am referring to the fact that even the json file is in the equivalent folder, there isn’t an option to load a classifier under the “load object classifier.” Thanks

It should appear. I’d suggest creating and saving any new classifier in the new project, and then checking its location – just in case there is some small difference in where QuPath expects classifiers to be located. If the new classifier (which QuPath has saved itself) also doesn’t appear, perhaps there is some permissions issue.