Exporting Measurements to Spreadsheet

I would like the data from Measure Image Area Occupied and Measure Image Intensity to be exported but that is not an option when trying to export to datasheet. The numbers come up in the pop up windows but do not get saved to my output folder and I cannot choose to save them as data.

Any help? Thank you

ORG 6 Control 1 1.1 DAPI - Image003.tif (2.8 MB) ORG 6 Control 1 1.1 GFAP - Image003.tif (2.8 MB) ORG 6 Control 1 1.1 Ki67 - Image003.tif (2.8 MB) Ki67DAPIGFAP.cpproj (1.1 MB)

Hi @climes,

It looks like you’ve disabled export of these measurements in the pipeline. If you hit the “Press button to select measurements” button (the first option visible in your screenshot), you’ll need to enable saving of image measurements, which contains AreaOccupied and ImageIntensity. If you’re only interested in intensity within the individual cells, you might also want to try the MeasureObjectIntensity module rather than MeasureImageIntensity.

Hope that helps!