Exporting MeasureImageSkeleton data


I’m analyzing a 3D image set (z-stack) of mitochondria and want to know information about the branching. I am able to convert my image into a skeletonized version using MorphologicalSkeleton, and I can use MeasureImageSkeleton on this to get the measurements I am interested in. However I cannot figure out how to export the MeasureImageSkeleton data. I use ExportToSpreadsheet which does not support 3D to export MeasureObjectSizeShape information. I tried to find the MeasureImageSkeleton output under the Select measurements option of ExportToSpreadsheet, but it isn’t an option anywhere. Even under the Image branch. Do I somehow need to convert this data so it is exportable in batch? Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @cjayson,

ExportToSpreadsheet actually does support 3D, this is a documentation error which will be fixed in the next version.

Skeleton measurements should show up under the Image–>Skeleton section of the measurements selection interface. The measurement module needs to be before the export module in the pipeline for the export to work. If you’re still having trouble could you upload a copy of the pipeline so we can take a closer look? Thanks