Exporting issue with tables after the last Fiji Update

I am using the Analyze Particles plugin and I would like to save the Summary to a txt file. Before the last Fiji update, I was using File/Save as and it always produced a txt file with a table, whose first line was indicating the labels of the columns (‘Slice’, ‘Count’, ‘Total Area’, etc). After the last update, this first line is absent: I only get the table itself. The Results table has the same issue, so it has to do with exporting setting, I assume, but cannot figure out which one. Does anyone have an idea of how to restore that first line?

When I look in the Results table, Results menu, and I/O Options (input output), I see a Save column headers which is checked for me. And when I save the table, it includes the headers.

Not sure if this setting will affect the Summarize table as well.

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Thanks a lot! This solved it!

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