Exporting intensity of each object


I have created a pipeline to measure the intensity of a labelling of my cells (images attached).
In the pipeline I can manage to exclude the cells that are not double labelled with another probe. I do the selection manually - image attached (screen shot of the CellProfiler window)4d_b0c0x0-1388y0-10404d_b0c1x0-1388y0-10404d_b0c2x0-1388y0-1040.
My problem is in exporting the data.
I’m trying to export a list of the intensity values of each object, and not only the total. But so far I have failed.

Thanks for any input / helpkassie-version2.cpproj (1.1 MB)

on this.

Hi Leandro,

You are just missing one module - MeasureObjectIntensity.

Then you should get the output you need!



Thanks so much!
All working perfectly now :slight_smile: