Exporting different object predictions separately

Hello everyone,

I created an object classification tiff file (it is unsingned 8-bit, renormalized [min, max] from 0, 1 to 0, 255) with masks of two “label classes”. Is it possible to export one file for first label, and another file for second? Or is there a setting to have object label as a channel in the generated export file?

Alternatively I can start with only one “label class”, but it will propagate to all objects.


Hi @sava,

exporting just the mask of a single class is not possible at the moment. If you export the “object prediction” image you’ll get a uint8 image with all the images of the first class with pixel values 1, all of the second class with pixel values 2… and so on.
You could use the threshold plugin in fiji, to generate an image that has only on class from there.


Thank you, that works nicely!

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