Exporting a children object even with no measurement



Hi there,

here’s the problem I am encountering and would like some suggestions. I have parent objects called Cells identified and I export measurements (area, intensity, etc.) for those into Excel. And within each Cell I identify and unite Spots (children objects) and export measurements for those as well. After the export I consolidate the data, i.e. combine the excel sheets fort further analysis/presentation. But naturally some cells don’t have any Spots. And nothing is exported for those into the corresponding excel file of Spots. When I combine Spots output with Cells output the rows don’t match. Imagine this: I have all the cells numbered and listed in the Cells output excel file. But Spots excel file don’t have some of the rows (a.k.a. cells) listed. And in order to do any column operations with the measurements I need to insert rows into the Spots sheet, which can be a lot of manual work.

Thanks, Jama.



You can do the merging by CellProfiler module ExportToSpreadsheet:

At the last option
"Export all measurement type" >> choose No and set it up like this. The main point is to "Combine these objects measurement with those of the previous objects"
This way, all will be in the same table, both some columns may report NA (i.e. no spots found). But that’s fine for you , am I correct?


That is it, many thanks!