Exported CSV column header documentation?

I was able to classify/track some behavioral data using Ilastik, however upon exporting the CSV I cannot seem to find documentation for what certain column corresponds to as some of the column headers are unclear.

I am mostly interested in extracting x,y coordinates for each object, I assume these correspond to ‘Center_of_the_object_0’ (x-coordinate) and ‘Center_of_the_object_1’ (y-coordinate) but want to confirm. im also interested in possibly using all these other computed values if I could figure out what they are!

Hi @Pasha_Davoudian,

we plan on documenting those for a long time now, but there seems to be always something else that grabs the attention. So thanks for putting it back up on our map.

As for the Center_of_the_object_0 corresponding to the x-coordinate and Center_of_the_object_1 corresponding to the y-coordinate, you are right.

There is a little bit of documentation for the special tracking columns in our docs. For the others, the feature names correspond to those in the object feature selection applet (some docs here). When you hover over a feature you will get a small info text that could help. I know, not the easiest way to access this information.

Thanks again for reaching out and bringing it to our attention.


Thanks Dominik! these are very helpful links.