ExportDatabase tool fails when table prefix is specified



Using the XP32 compiled verison 5122, the ExportDatabase data tool fails to produce a .SQL file and prints this error message to the console when a table prefix is specified. The “exporting SQL files” thermometer appears to freeze at 100%, though its window can be closed without ill effect. The error appears to occur on any CP output .mat file I throw at it.

??? Error using ==> fprintf
Function is not defined for ‘cell’ inputs.

Error in ==> CPconvertsql at 140

Error in ==> ExportDatabase at 145

??? Error using ==> ExportDatabase(guidata(gcbo));clear ans
Error using ==> fprintf
Function is not defined for ‘cell’ inputs.

??? Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

Incidentally, the default database name (“Default”) appears to be invalid for mysql – running a script produced by CP with the default name fails at the “create” statement on the first line.



Whoops – wrong forum, sorry. I intended this for CP bugs.


moved the topic, someone else will get back to you with regards to your question


Indeed this DataTool, as its Help states, is “not functional right now”! Thanks for reminding us (really!) - it is on our ToDo list. But the ExportToDatabase module is functional and has the same functionality, so it’s not our highest priority.


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