Export to spreadsheet

I want the numbers of primary objects identified in modules in my pipeline. However, the export to spreadsheet function doesn’t generate the total numbers but more like several rows counting up till the total number. Further, no matter what I do, different spreadsheets seem to be generated for all measurements. Could someone please help me?


I’m assuming that you are using the default settings in ExportToSpreadsheet, in paoirtucla rthe following:

  • “Comma” is selected as the delimiter.
  • The “Export all measurements…” setting is checked
  • “Select columns of measurements to export” is unchecked

If this is the case, one of the output .csv files should be one called “DefaultOUT_Image.csv”. In that file, there should be columns each corresponding to a primary object set (however many you made), and prefixed with “Image_Count” . Each row will then correspond to the number of primary objects detected for that object set in the image for that row. Let us know if this is not what you are seeing, and we can diagnose further.


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