Export to spreadsheet


my pipeline identifies several objects: nuclei, cells to get the cytoplasm (cells-nuclei) and speckles, which are related to the cytoplasm.
In the ExportToSpreadsheet module I now can choose which data to export and as can be seen in the screenshot I attached, I’ ve chosen Nuclei, Cytoplasm and Speckles.

My question is, if there is a difference in “Adding another data set” or “Press to select measurements”, in which you also can choose the items to export?

In the end I want to distinguish between cells with and without (or at least less) speckles. Therefore, I think it might be useful to export as much data about them as possible, but not to increase the time for analyzing images too much - one 384 well plate takes 6 days already.

I’m happy about any suggestions,
thanks in advance


I can see how this might seem confusing. The answer is, whatever objects are specified in the “Data to export” settings are the ones that are exported. Out of those selected, the measurements shown in the “Press to select measurements” tree are the ones exported. Even though you can select measurements from objects that were not specified below, those measurements will not be exported.

You might want to reconsider measuring/exporting speckle properties. If you are interested in distinguish cells by speckle count, the per-cytoplasm speckle count will already be included as part of the cytoplasm measurements (assuming you used RelateObjects). If you know that you won’t need additional speckle features, you can save some analysis time by not measuring more features associated with them.