Export to Spreadsheet Output

I have been running into an issue with exporting images to spreadsheet form. I’ve been using Perl to change a number in the text version of one of my pipelines, and running this pipeline iteratively with different with a different value of one parameter each time. My output has been strange though (see attached). The beginning of my files contain columns labeled “X.2”, for example, and these precede my normal columns. What could be causing these weird columns at the beginning of my output? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
NucleiLocations2.csv (71.6 KB)

Hmm, that’s unusual! Does the first/default pipeline (before any Perl) produce this odd output? It’s not only the first columns that are affected, as the ObjectNumber column starts at 41,rather than 1 (it should be 1 and increasing in integer steps). Make sure you are writing all ASCII characters in your Perl script. If you haven’t solved it yet, perhaps you could post the Perl script and the .cppipe file?