Export to spreadsheet metadata

Hello, I am new to this community. I was using the older version of Cell Profile and realized things changed with the current version. I’m having difficulty export my measurements with metadata other than the plate. I really need sites and wells listed for further data analysis. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

Machelle M.

If your filenames have some characters or numbers that indicate sites/wells, then you can use the module Metadata and extract that information accordingly
Later in your ExportToSpreadsheet you can export this metadata information for further analysis.


Hey Minh. Thanks for the reply. For some reason when I select the export metadata option under the ExportToSpreadsheet module. My output only has the Plate. I had pipelines from the older version of Cellprofiler that had no issue exporting the plate, well and site in the spreadsheet. Here’s my Pipeline with a set of test data. I may just be overlooking something. Thanks again!

I uploaded a zip but I don’t see it. I can uploaded to drive or something and share it that way.

Hi there,

The reason is here:

You mistake choosing “Does” and “Does not”, that’s why the metadata got upset :smiley:

That worked! Thanks again!