Export to Excel and not Editor format

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Sorry if this is a silly question but I am fairly new to Cellprofiler and I am also not well versed in programming. So attached is a pipeline for counting RFP and GFP foci and their colocalization. One issue I had is that the results get put out in an Editor text file and not in an Excel file. Does anyone know how I can fix that ? As I said I’m fairly new to the topic and the pipeline still needs a lot of work. Apparently it has something to do with the column delimiter being “Tab” instead of “comma” but since I want the data seperated in tabs I would prefer to keep it that way. If anyone has tips for general improvements it is also really appreciated.
I have also attached 2 images that I use for testing the basic functions of the pipeline so you can test it for yourself.

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Version: Cellprofiler 3.1.9
Windows 10

Test images for import into pipeline (Normal yeast cells, no foci):
FUS manual verification 0h fixed 060220_A01_s1_w2.TIF (2.8 MB) FUS manual verification 0h fixed 060220_A01_s1_w1.TIF (2.8 MB)

Pipeline Coloc_RFP and GFP foci.cppipe (38.9 KB)

Hi @Philipp_R,

ExportToSpreadsheet will output comma or tab-delineated files, but none of these formats are strictly for Excel. You should be able to open them in any text editor, it sounds like MS Excel may just be the default for opening those formats on your PC. I’d try right-clicking the file and selecting ‘open with…’ to choose another program. Choosing tab-delimited should produce a .txt file.

On another note, in NamesAndTypes it’s best not to use spaces in image names, as this can cause compatibility problems in other modules. “GFP_Image” instead of “GFP Image” should work fine.

Hope that helps

Hi @DStirling,

Thank you for the help!