Export tiles and anotations inside specific ROI

I have some WSI that are anotated like the following image:

I am using the TileExporter script to create pairs of images like explained here specifying my addLabel, tileSize and downsample and annotatedTilesOnly(true) without issues. It works great.

However, I would like to generate tile and label images only from the regions inside the square annotations (class None). Is there any way to do this? Should I do something like
def regions_of_int= getAnnotationObjects().findAll{it.getPathClass()==getPathClass("None")} at the beginning of the script?


I’m not certain if you need the TileExporter, or just the regular way of writing an image corresponding to specific annotations

In any case, the line you mention should probably be

def regions_of_int= getAnnotationObjects().findAll { it.getPathClass()==null }

See also this:

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