Export results in plate format/layout


I would like to know of there is a way to export the results of a given analysis in the corresponding plate format/layout.

For instance, what is displayed in the Plate View option (e.g. nuclei count), just simply export it to a Spreadsheet, but not as a huge column (like in the case of a 384 well plate in which multiple images per well have been taken), but rather in the plate layout.

If there is more than one image per well, one would ideally export the results per each image, but I would also be happy with exporting the mean, which is what is mainly used in the Plate View option for the heat map.

I hope it can be done!

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi Jordi,

No, that’s not possible within CPA, sorry. It really is a Plate Viewer. You might have better luck integrating this with another, more easily extensible tool like KNIME, possibly using their HCS tools tech.knime.org/community/hcs-tools


Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at KNIME, I did check it out some time ago, but I will need to spend some quality time to decipher it :wink:

Thanks again!