Export Measurements from Primary Objects Identification Window to Spreadsheet


I want to export measured data from the Primary Objects Identification window to spreadsheet; but have not been successful in doing so.

I already did select data to be exported, separated with comma etc. but all I get are measurements from “Apply Threshold” windows.

upload images>>apply threshold>>classify pixels>>identify primary objects>>export to spreadsheet>>save images

Here’s a picture of data I want to export:

Thank you so much

To my knowledge-

  • Threshold and # of accepted objects should already be calculated and in the ‘Image’ spreadsheet
  • Median diameter isn’t automatically provided but can be recalculated if you use MeasureObjectSizeShape and turn on the ‘Calculate the per-image median values for object measurements?’ option in ExportToSpreadsheet
  • Likewise, ‘Area covered by objects’ can be re-generated with the MeasureImageAreaOccupied module.
  • Thresholding filter size, declumping smoothing filter size, and maxima suppression size can’t be exported, but should be the same image-to-image so looking at the module output once should give you those values.
  • 10th and 90th percentile diameter are the only ones that you’d have to entirely re-calculate on your own.

Does that help at all?


Thank you so much for quick reply

I followed your tips and a lot of other data is exported to the spreadsheet
now along with some median values but they don’t match with the one I get
in the Primary Objects Table.

Best Regards,