Export detection results from a renamed slide

Hello everybody! I am using Qupath on a Mac and my slides have random names that I then re-label in qupath when looking at the slide label. The problem I have is that when exporting the results of detection analysis, qupath uses the original name of the imported file and not the new one. Is there any way of exporting the results with the new names or should I always change it before importing the file to the project?. Thanks a lot.

Hi @Ezequiel_Dantas, this is indeed a current annoyance with QuPath. I’ve created a bug report for it at

That also includes a link to another discussion, and a script I wrote that I think can be used as a temporary workaround (best backup your project first, just in case).

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Thank you @petebankhead for the quick answer. A minor price to pay to work with amazing software :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This temporary solution worked for me. Thanks again.

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