Export annotation Qupath

I performed simple tissue detection within Qupath, resulting in one annotation of all the tissue in a H/E slide.
I was looking for a way to export this annotation of the H/E tissue. In a link (https://github.com/qupath/qupath/wiki/Exporting-results) if found that is should be possible to export the annotation by file --> export image region. However in my Qupath (0.2.0-m9) I cannot find this feature under file.

Did I miss something or is it not available anymore in this version?

Hi @Ihiertje1,

You can find the new documentation here, where you’ll also find a small script (modified accordingly here below) that can export your annotation to a .tiff file.
Depending on the use case, you might want to downsample the output image, as it might be really big.

def server = getCurrentServer()
def downsample = 10 // Put your downsampling  factor here

// Write the region of the image corresponding to the currently-selected object
def roi = getSelectedROI()
def requestROI = RegionRequest.createInstance(server.getPath(), downsample, roi)
writeImageRegion(server, requestROI, 'D:/your/path/here/output.tif')

Good luck!

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