Export 3D timelapse for other apps?

I have a timelapse recorded in 3D (i.e. with Z-stacks), and while I could use Fiji for viewing, the 3D viewer is too buggy to be usable in any way. So, I want to export the data into a format usable by either Cinema 4D or some other free software. I tried the wavefront format, but not only does it take like 10 minutes to export, it also gives me an error message at the end, and the file is broken.

Any ideas?

Are you talking about the Wavefront .OBJ… plugin? It would be helpful if you could describe exactly the steps you took, and the error message you received. Otherwise, there is no chance anyone could address the problem.

Also: did you try one of the other 3D visualization plugins like ClearVolume or Volume Viewer?


I checked out ClearVolume. Extremely well-made plugin! Does exactly what I want :slight_smile:

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