Expected behaviour when opening an image in iviewer

In Omero Web, if I use the Thumbnail or Parade view and select a single image, then choose open in iviewer. All images in the dataset are then shown in the thumbnails on the left of iviewer. However, when choosing more than one image only the selected images are shown in the tab on the left.

I feel like when selecting only one image and choosing open in iviewer that it is more consistent that only the single image is visible in the iviewer thumbnails. I think I can also see the logic in showing all images (but in our case it’s very disconcerting since in thumbnail/parade view I only see the images that I want to, but in iviewer I then see the mask and overview images, which I don’t want to. See related thread: Filter only main image

So I guess the question is: Is the behaviour by design or by accident?

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It’s working as it was designed to, but we’ve generally considered the filtering in webclient to be quite transient - just used to find a particular image or images, but not as a permanent hiding of certain images. Certainly there is currently no mechanism to pass that filtering state to the iviewer, but it would be a nice feature to have.
I’ll add it to the filtering discussion at https://github.com/ome/design/issues/107.

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I also created an iviewer issue at https://github.com/ome/omero-iviewer/issues/352

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@jfkotw Additionally to the points raised by @will-moore:
I agree with all points raised.
To explain the design (and history) with iviewer and parade in more explicit detail, which might help you with thinking about workarounds for your particular case:

iviewer is compared to parade an older plugin, and the logic with opening the other images when one image is clicked is that the whole Dataset is open and you have it to your peruse in the iviewer tab of your browser. No filtering was thought of at this stage (which is of course as you rightly pointed out something to revisit). As you typically want to compare the image selected in webclient with other images in that dataset, there is some merit to this logic, as you remark.
On the other hand, if you pre-select some images in webclient and then open all of them in iviewer (you can pre-select also images from several different Datasets), then the idea is that you did your thinking & choices upfront and thus iviewer will show you just the selected ones.
parade is a comparably newer plugin, and thus the streamlining between it and iviewer is not as easy and iviewer thus could not be designed with parade in mind -> you and @will-moore got this point I guess.

Considering the above, maybe you still might re-think about the option of putting your mask images into another dataset ? See http://idr.openmicroscopy.org/webclient/?show=project-1251 for comparison - this should show you that we are going down this path ourselves, as IDR is populated and maintained by OME Team.

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Hi @pwalczysko,
just a quick note about the mask images and your proposal:
Our users want to quickly switch between main and macro image. There fore a “stacked” solution with filters to allow quick switching would be much appreciated.
But that’ something for https://github.com/ome/design/issues/107 …

Thinking about what’s required in iviewer (https://github.com/ome/omero-iviewer/issues/352), this could be a fair bit of work. I think to keep it simpler, I wouldn’t try to support the toggling of the filter in iviewer (shouldn’t be needed, right)?

The best workaround in the short term is to select all the filtered images in webclient and “Open with > iviewer” to just show the images you want.