Expand by variable pixels


I have identified my objects, and measured them. I would then like to double their size (ie expand by 2 x feret diameter) rather than a fixed number of pixels. How would I do this please?



Hi Jamie,

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I can’t think of a way to do this. Most (All?) of the expansion methods (e.g. ExpandOrShrinkObjects, Morph, IdentifySecondaryObjects) take a fixed value and not via individual objects’ measurements. One would have to be careful not to create overlapping objects if you expanded per-object. Our data model does not allow overlapping objects, as of yet. For example, MeasureObjectNeighbors can handle this with “Expand until Adjacent”.

Anybody else have clever ideas?


Hi David,

Thanks for trying - at least I wasn’t just being stupid!

I’ll have to estimate the size and expand by a fixed number instead. Are there any plans to introduce this option into a future release or will the issues regarding overlapping prove prohibitive?

Out of interest, how do you ensure overlapping doesn’t occur with this module too?



It doesn’t; The “Expand until Adjacent” option in MeasureObjectNeighbors simply blows up the objects until they touch. As David mentioned, we don’t really permit overlapping objects as yet.