Existing documentation re fake images?


I have been using the tutorials at https://github.com/scifio/scifio-tutorials/tree/master/core/src/main/java/io/scif/tutorials/core to explore fake images.

Is there any further documentation (or has anyone tried this beyond the tutorial), e.g. which explains

  • all the parameters and their effects for ‘sampleImage’?
  • how to create coloured/multi-channeled images
  • why I don’t seem to be able to read in a png-image not created with fake image

I summarized my findings at https://framagit.org/elenab/fakeImages/wikis/home.


Hi @ebreitmo and welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to create a new file format reader/writer?

The fake format is used to create data “on-the-fly” without reading from any file on disk. There is no such thing as a “file created with fake image”. How do you save your PNG file?

Note also that in your linked example loading a PNG image, you’re using ImageJ1 functionaliy (ImagePlus) that has nothing to do with SCIFIO.

If you explain more about what you’d like to achieve in the end, maybe we can provide better help here on the forum…


I save my fake images with ‘writer.savePlane(i,j,plane);’.

My goal is to understand exactly how I can create the fake images I want, e.g. how do I create a green square in the top left half of the image, etc.

I loaded existing images to get clues of how to set up metadata for colour images in-memory, we explored loading existing PNG-images and checking their metadata.