Excluding objects that touch a different object


I am trying to count the micronuclei in my photos. I have created a pipeline that is able to find nuclei, most of the dimmer missed nuclei, and the smaller particles left in the photos. The problem I am looking to solve is to exclude any partilcles that are touching the nuclei ( labled as nuclei and dim nuclei in my pipeline). Is there a way to reduce the count of particles by ignoring particles that touch the other objects? When I mask over the original photo with the nuclei it leaves a ring where the nuclei were, and the ring is then counted as many particles creating a very high micronuclei count. Any advice is appreciated. I have attached my pipeline and a photo. Tip: There are a few MN located close together in the lower left corner
MNCount.cpproj (512.0 KB)

I cannot get my photo to upload to this post.

Hi @Kendra_Majewski,

If the particles are brighter, you may want to use IdentifyPrimaryObjects to find the dimmer objects, but leave segmentation of touching objects disabled so that this captures any brighter objects which are touching the larger ones. You could then mask these off when detecting the particles.

Another approach might be to use the RelateObjects module to associate micronuclei with larger objects, then use the FilterObjects module to remove any micronuclei that were within bigger objects.

Hope that helps!