Excessive memory usage in simple pipleline


I have a simple CellProfiler 2.1 pipeline that loads all images individually (i.e., no grouping), extracts meta data (plate name from filename), resizes the image by 0.5 and saves the re-sized image back to file.

I tried to run it on an image folder with about 4500 files (~ 45 GB) on Windows 7. It freezes after some time (~ 1 - 1.5 hours), because it runs out of main memory on a workstation with 8 GB.

Is this is bug? Or is there an option to explicitly free up memory after an image cycle?

Many thanks,

A couple of simple questions:

  • Are the display windows closed during the analysis run?
  • Is there an error message of some sort that is output (either in CP, or to a terminal) when the memory error is encountered? If so, can you post it here?


If indeed it is a memory issue, some other suggestions are found in this FAQ.