Excel format - image name




In the current version of “Export to Excel module” the name of the image (that corresponds to the first column) is only saved for the first object of each image, assumming correctly that the rest of the objects are from the same image. This is generating some problems when we want to automatically transform and ask several things (e.g. SQL statements). Hence, I would like to put the name of the image in all the objects of the table automatically. I guess it is not a difficult modification. Can I ask your help to find the Matlab code lines I have to modify?




Hi Joaquin,

If you are trying to import data in to MySQL or Oracle, I would use the module ExportToDatabase which exports all information as CSV files and creates a script to automatically load the data.

You can search for ‘Set #%d, %s’ in CPwritemeasurements.m file located in the CPsubfunctions folder if you would like to see where this information is written to the excel file. Unfortunately, I do not think it is an easy change. I would try the above recommendation first.

Good luck,