Excel data (numbers) is possible or only images work in cellprofiler



I have absorbances reading, I would like to use in cellprofiler. But the data is in the form of numbers 1 thru 20. does Cellprofiler work with excel in this manner?

Or would I have to turn the numbers into colours then import the newly generated ‘colour code’ into Cellprofiler as a jpg?


CellProfiler only takes images as inputs (though metadata can be added as a CSV). We also generally advise avoiding jpgs, as they can have lossy compression artifacts, something like tif, bmp, or png is a better choice.

Can I ask what your overall use case is?


I have bacteria that were grown on different sugars, thus resulting in different changes in pH. from the 11 different carbohydrates I can ID the likely bacteria. but if I cant run my absorbances data through your AI, I might get higher matcher to the right bacteria that my current method misses.

I’m going to output each of my 600+ absorbances reads for all of my libraries as individual tiffs. should only take a week or two. ;p