When I try to use your example picture, before even trying to use my own pictures, the program claims it will take it about 2 hours(???!) to compute. Actually, I get a

message, and it stops.
Help please!

That means…you runned out of avalible RAM.
Did you use the original pipeline or changed something?

No. I ran the pipline just as you gave it, and with your example photo (mine are much larger).
I even tried running it on a stronger, image analysis oriented computer, and it ran for about 20 more seconds before generating the same message.

Well, I tried it and it gave me a memoryerror at the correctillumination stage.
If you close the eyelids next to those module names the memoryerror doesn’t appear anymore. Cellprofiller takes quite a lot of resources to construct those images. I think that the fact that Gaussian is the choice also increments it.

That is kind of a rule of thumb close eyelids unless you really need to check the results.

Also remember to pick the appropiate folders on both loadimages modules and you should be fine :smile: