Example of machine/deep learning on histological pathology slide and CellProfiler/Analyst?


This is a bit of a generic question, but anyway. I am looking for concrete examples on using CellProfiler/Analyst and machine/deep learning on histological pathology slides.

Hoping that I can get in contact with someone via this platform.



Some answers here:

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Hello Sander,
I am looking for the same thing. It would be very nice to be able 1) to isolate nuclei on H&E slides and put the non-nuclear stuff on one layer and the nuclear stuff on a separate layer and 2) to be able to get a nice proliferation index using image J with a ki-67 stain, for example.

If you want, we can start here.

Who knows what we will create?

Best regards.



We hosted a blog post from someone a couple of years ago doing precisely that, if that helps at all!