Every wiki edit gives spurious (?) "new external link" message + CAPTCHA



I’m getting a message (below) asking to complete a security question every time I edit the wiki, even when edits are minor, and don’t add a new external link

Your edit includes new external links. To protect the wiki against 
automated edit spam, we kindly ask you to answer the question that 
appears below (more info):

Not a deal-breaker, just annoying.


I assumed that this could happen if the page contains any external link at all (even if it’s not changed), but I couldn’t even reproduce the security question on my side when editing that page.

You are logged in via https I suppose, right?


I may not have been logged in with https.

Though, I edited the page both logged in with https and with http,
and this issue didn’t occur… I’ll mark this as solved, but may open again if I can reproduce. Weird :confused: