Eucdist2.mexw32 is invalid



Hi there,
When I try and use distance based functions I’m told that the file eucdist2.mexw32 is invalid. (It’s invoked as part of the IdentifyPrimAutomatic module). I searched the FAQ and forums to see if this is common but couldn’t see the fix - so I’m sorry if I’m asking an often asked question. The problem arises spontaneously when running the examples like ExampleSBSImages. It can be avoided by switching away from distance measures - but naturally this is not an ideal solution.
Thanks very much


Hello Nick,
Thank you for your post; you are not the only one receiving this error on the 32-bit version for Windows. Currently, we are in the process of updating the CellProfiler software, which will fix this problem. The new release will be available very soon.



Version 1.0.4666 will fix this issue.