Estimating the parameters of a perspective Transformation with SIFT

Most of the registration plugins cannot determine the parameters of a perspective transformation. However, ‘Feature Extraction > Extract SIFT Correspondences allows’ you to specify ‘perspective’ as the expected transformation and gives back a matrix in the log windows as a result.

How can I apply this result with Fiji?

I just found out a solution by myself:
You can feed the projection parameters to ImageMagick after their normation to a_33 = 1, i. e. dividing them all by a_33. The command needed is

magick phot0.JPG -virtual-pixel white -distort Perspective-Projection “a_11,a_12,a_13 a_21,a_22,a_23 a_31,a_32” photo_pr.jpg

With a_ii as the matrix elements divided by a_33.

Works perfectly!