Errors in loading example data set for Colab_DEMO

I’ve tried walking through the Colab_DEMO, and I keep getting errors in loading the example data set. I have looked at the other forums and tried the same solutions, but none of them worked for me. Is there anything wrong I did here? The following is a screenshot of the error message and my config.yaml file.

Thank you

just confirming, but you have a folder called DeepLabCut in your My Drive? i.e. is the project path correct?

and if so, can you runpip install pandas==0.21.0 after you run pip install deeplabcut

Thank you for your help, but it’s still returning the same error after running the command. Also, I believe the project path is correct.

okay I got this error too, then forced DLC and matplotlib to versions and 3.0.3, and it goes away. Here are some minor edits you can make to check these things: