Errors in kymoanalyzer "SEGMENTS" macro

I am having difficulty running the “segments” macro of the kymoanalyzer plugin.
I can get through the first 4 macros-batch kymograph generation, tracks, cargo population, and net cargo population without issue but when I run the “segments” macro I have gotten two separate errors:

Index(30 out of 0-2 range in line 757 stationary = Array.concat (stationary, as (CPN[3<]>));


Index(1) out of 0-0 range in line 641 if (abs(SegVel [0]) < = 0.1/Factor && SegVel [1<]>>0.1/Factor){

If anyone has ideas on how to correct these errors I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Laura,

This is a common error. It means that you have some segments that are too horizontal and thus the software cannot calculate the segmental velocity. The easiest way to fix this is to go back and redraw the tracks again.

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Thanks so much for letting me know!

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