Errors in Blitz-0.log and master.err

I keep receiving the following error when omero loads:
in Blitz-0.log
ERROR [] (1-thread-3) Failed to load params for

in master.err
error: communicator not destroyed during global destruction.

(i think this error is actually when omero stops)
Should these be of any concern?
Otherwise omero is working without problems

Hi @Joao_Miguel,

on each startup and periodically thereafter (at a configurable rate), the server loads all the scripts under lib/scripts. If the scripts are otherwise working as you would expect, then this message can be safely ignored, even though I find it surprising.

If you aren’t currently using scripts or you are having issues with them, then it’d be useful if you could send your Processor-0.log, so we can pinpoint the problem.

All the best,

Currently I am not using scripts. I am suploading the file as you suggested.
Many thanks
Joao (31.7 KB)

Ok, so there should be nothing to worry about for the moment.

Perfect, thank you. That looks in order as well.

My best guess at this point is that something unintended is showing up in the stdout or stderr of the script parsing which leads to the message. We’ll try to reproduce and quiet things down in future releases.

Thanks for letting us know!

Not a problem. I am just glad I can be of help

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Anyone who is interested can follow for future fixes. ~J

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