Error with post data editing

Hi, I have an issue with exporting h5 file on windows 10.
I used GUI to label the frames and analyzed the video on Google colab.
I tried to open the file on Matlab and got this message. text.txt (7.5 KB)
I want to be able to get x and y coordinates on Matlab. I would be grateful if anyone can give me an advice.

Thank you!

Hi @Jean11! You can pass save_as_csv=True in analyze_videos; your data will then also be dumped to a .csv file that is easily readable by MATLAB. Alternatively, you could rely on deeplabcut.analyze_videos_converth5_to_csv() to do the conversion of all files automatically, without having to re-analyze your videos :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! It worked perfectly.
Stay safe.