Error with measureobjectneighbors?

Something unexpected is occurring with measureobjectneighbors which may be a fault of my expectations or the program.

The module finds more neighbors than expected although the percent touching is as expected. A cell may have 0% touching but still may be identified as having >0 neighbors. I have set the module for adjacent as well as neighbor distance 1 with similar results.

I’ve attached a sample output from the module. You can see 6 nuclei have been identified. Only 2 are visually touching, but the module suggests that 5 have 2 neighbors while 1 only had a single neighbor (this is recapitulated in the output mat file). In contradiction, percent touching is correct for the 6 cells with 4 having 0% and 2 having a higher percent.

Additional clarification: Module help says that it takes into account objects that were found and discarded, but I don’t believe the percentage calculated shows objects discarded due to being on the boundary.

Would you mind posting your pipeline and the sample input image you have shown, so we can confirm on our end?