Error with loading script for estimate stain vector in QuPath 0.2.3

Hi all,

I’ve been using QuPath for quite some time now and for the first time when I want to run a script for a project file. I get an error…

I only get this error on my computer … If I use this script on another computer, I don’t see an error and this so thee script can be run for the project…

Does anyone know why I am only getting this error on my computer? I tried to uninstall and redownload QuPath but it didn’t work.

Thank you!


In the Script Editor - “Run” menu please make sure the “Include default imports” is checked.

If that doesn’t work add the following import statement in the beginning of the script:

import static qupath.lib.gui.scripting.QPEx.*

Here is a link to related information:


Well, that was easy. Probably this happened by accident! Thank you very much.