Error with Export to Spreadsheet


Hey, I’ve been trying to use CellProfiler to segment and count various cell types using a 3D pipeline along with the RelateObjects modules. The pipeline seems to work well in Test Mode, but when analyzing images, I keep getting an error at the ExportToSpreadsheet step:
“Encountered uncrecoverable error in ExportToSpreadsheet during post-processing: Feature Count_CM for Image does not exist.”
As a result, no data is being exported to the spreadsheets. I would appreciate any help on how to get around the error and access the data for the cell counts.



Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear this!

I would guess the problem lies in an Identify module, the one that finds the objects “CM” but perhaps also the RelateObjects module. You could try a few tests to see whether removing RelateObjects resolves the error, just so we can figure out what’s the cause?

You are welcome to upload a pipeline that produces the error (with the images that are needed to run it) so we can try to reproduce it and see what’s going wrong.