Error with Example Colocalization tutorial


I am trying to run the tutorial for colocalization analysis provided on the CellProfiler website. When I am in test mode and I try to run the tutorial step by step to get a full understanding of each module, I get the following error when I click step from CorrectIlluminationCalculate for OrigStain1 to the CorrectIlluminationCalculate for OrigStain2:

“Error while processing CorrectIlluminationCalculate: SVD did not converge in Linear Least Squares”.

However, when I click ‘Analyze’ the tutorial runs with no problem. It’s strange because the step works in test mode for the first image, but not the second, regardless of which image is second.

Hmmm, that’s very odd indeed. Can you let us know your CellProfiler version and your OS version so we can try to replicate?