Error with drawing skeleton!

Hi! I am getting some really bad errors when I try to draw a skeleton! I can’t get it to work:
D:\Anaconda\envs\dlc-windowsGPU\lib\site-packages\matplotlib\ in init(self, vertices, codes, _interpolation_steps, closed, readonly)
128 if vertices.ndim != 2 or vertices.shape[1] != 2:
129 raise ValueError(
–> 130 “‘vertices’ must be a 2D list or array with shape Nx2”)
132 if codes is not None:

ValueError: ‘vertices’ must be a 2D list or array with shape Nx2

I would really appreciate the help!

typically means your skeleton is not connected correctly. It can only be:

- - bodypart1
  - bodypart2 


- - bodypart1
  - bodypart2 
  - bodypart3 

Ohh wait… Do I have to edit the yaml file?
Does each - - Bodypart 1
- Bodypart 2 signify a single connection?
Then if body part 2 has a connection do I type out

                - - Bodypart 2
                   -Bodypart 3?

correct; unless you want to use our GUI skeleton builder:

ah see, thats what I was having errors with. I tried to press draw skeleton but then i got that error!

then whatever is in your config.yaml file is wrong ;)so just delete it then try again.

Will do! I appreciate the help!

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