Error while trying to add raw data for the first time


this is my first time using ilastik and while trying to add raw data in tiff format, I got this error:

Precondition violation!
Unable to open file ‘C:/Users/arield/Desktop/לימודים/קורס עיבוד תמונה/HW3/MAX_JCB_confocal_aTubulin_2.5h.lif - rOly_alfa tubulin_2.5h_2_1Tiff.tif’.

I would appreciate any help,


Hi @Ariel_Dagan,

welcome to the forum!

We are using a library (vigra) to open tif files. It seems that this library cannot read your specific flavor of tiff (there are so many around…). The usual workaround is to open the image in Fiji and export it to h5 (our preferred file format that is needed for best performance in ilastik) using our fiji import export plugin.