Error while running CellProfiler pipeline




I am using CellProfiler 3.1.5 on mac.
I am testing a small pipeline and I am unable to save data as spreadsheet.
When I try to run the pipeline, it gives an error “Failure in analysis setup”.
I have attached the pipeline and an image for reference.
Any help is much appreciated. (4.8 MB)



Make sure to hit the top “Update button” first before hitting the bottom one (see below) after loading the images before hitting Analyze.


Thanks for your reply.
I hit update button on both “Metadata” and “Names and Types” but I am getting the same error.
I have to enter into test mode and analyze each image separately.


One more error is about saving images as tiffs.
I am using “save image” module to save my images as tiffs. But other programs like “IDL” cannot read these tiffs. So I have to open these images in ImageJ and save again as tiffs so that they can used in downstream analysis.
Can you suggest anything that I can correct in the pipeline.
Here is the pipeline Pipeline_endo_40xsingle_2018.10.31.cpproj (1.7 MB)