Error while processing TrackObjects: (Worker) AttributeError: 'MaskedConstant' object has no attribute '_fill_value'



I am quite new to Cell Profiler and managed to run the example TrackObjects pipeline. However, when I try to run the same example as given here on my own data I get the error as mentioned in the title. I thought it is something to do with ‘Fill holes’ parameter and checked it to ‘never’ but I don’t think so this is the problem. I did not change any other parameters except for names, min-max diameter for example.
I have a set of time sequence images in tif, similar to the example data provided in the tutorial.
Thank you in advance!



If you still need help with this, can you upload your exact pipeline and a few sample images (either here or to Dropbox/GDrive etc and link to here)? That will be the best way to allow us to find the exact source of the problem.