Error while processing NamesAndTypes (cannot reshape array)

Hello all,

I currently have an issue with Cell Profiler and running a specific pipeline. The pipeline is designed to identify and quantitate plaques in a cell monolayer. The images are masked to omit all area outside of the well of the plate. The primary objects are then identified and quantitated. I have used this pipeline before for a similar experiment but unfortunately, it is not working with the new images. I keep getting a NamesAndTypes module error around reshaping the array size. Any suggestions would be helpful! The NamesAndTypes module does not have very name options to modify to address this error. I have checked all the images in Photoshop and they appear to be identical sizes.

Here is a screenshot of the error:

Here’s the pipeline and some images:
12well_mask.tif (91.6 KB)
Testimage.tif (231.4 KB)
TestPipeline_new.cpproj (632.0 KB)

Nevermind! I solved the problem. Had to do with greyscale vs colour images.